Zipper Machine

Zipper Machine features
1. It can transport large materials in a small volume space.
2. By means of the internal friction of the material, compared with the screw conveyor, the power can be saved to a large extent.
3. The fully sealed casing, dust is difficult to enter, the machine is safe to operate, reliable operation.
4. The conveyor chain of the conveyor has been subjected to relevant heat treatment and has a long service life. The horizontal can transport a long distance.
5. It can be installed in the elevated, ground, pit, climbing, and is convenient and durable, low maintenance rate, can effectively reduce consumption and improve efficiency.

The FU zipper machine was developed along with the zipper. The wide use of the FU zipper machine has brought great convenience to life, which not only facilitates the work, but also improves the product.
The zipper chain of the FU zipper has different sizes and different tooth shapes, but the fastener elements on the left and right sides of the same zipper are the same.

The working principle of the FU zipper is very simple, that is, each tooth is a small hook that matches the hole under one of the small teeth of the other tape that is next to each other. This FU zipper is very strong and can only be pulled apart when the slider slides to open the teeth.

Check before the zipper is turned on
First of all, the oil level of the reducer of the zipper is normal. Whether there is any foreign matter in the casing, whether the cover, the observation hole, etc. are closed. Whether the transmission chain has lubricating oil and whether the bolts of the motor, bearing, etc. are loose.


High Speed Nylon Zipper Tape Weaving Machine




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