Metal Zipper

Metal zipper maintenance method
The zipper is an indispensable accessory for clothing, and it is also very important for the maintenance of the zipper. Especially the metal zipper, if the metal zipper once rusted or oxidized, then the owner of the whole piece of clothing and even the clothes is greatly reduced in image. Therefore, clothes with metal zippers should be carefully maintained when wearing. For aluminum alloy or copper zippers, be careful not to get wet during use, and not to contact with alkaline and acidic substances, so as to avoid the metal teeth from getting wet and causing oxidation.

Sometimes the metal zipper will have some minor faults when it is used. For example, the zipper is not easy to pull. This is a very common phenomenon. It is often encountered when the zipper is halfway pulled. At this time, you can use a waxy shell such as a candle or a pill, or apply Vaseline on the teeth of the zipper. You can also apply a proper amount of oil or vegetable oil to the zipper to enhance the lubrication. Another common fault is that the metal zipper does not fit. After the metal zipper is used for a long time, the slider will loosen and the caliber will become larger, which is very difficult to pull. In this case, use the iron tongs to clamp the tail of the slider and clamp it, but avoid excessive force.




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