A small revolution in the stainless steel zipper industry

Since the Swedish Sambak commercialized the U.S. engineer Judd’s mechanically rough locking device for automatic zipper pulls, in the past century, people with hand disabilities still cannot enjoy the convenience of stainless steel zippers. Wear a zippered shirt as a pullover. Recently, this regret finally has a breakthrough solution.

Sports equipment brand Unde automatic zipper puller machine rArmour recently announced that it is preparing to launch a magnetic zipper garment. Normal zipper requires two hands to work, but this magnetic zipper only needs one hand. Pull up the chain. The user only needs to bring the end of one side of the clothes close to the other side, and the magnetic chain head will automatically close. There is no need to embed the chain to automatically pass through the zipper head machine head.

Compared with the traditional zipper, the magnetic zipper is more convenient, and the two zipper pulls can be firmly buckled together with one-handed operation. For the zipper that has not changed for nearly a hundred years, this is undoubtedly a huge change: it can finally become a good helper for the one-handed disabled.

The designer of this stainless steel zipper is the engineer Scott Peters automatic zipper puller machine (ScottPeters), the original intention of the design is to help the uncle suffering from muscular dystrophy live easily, and the deterioration of the condition makes the uncle’s hands Unable to maintain coordination, the trivial thing of the zipper has become a difficult thing. “My mother is a professional therapist. She automatically wears a zipper pull machine and hopes that I can help my uncle solve this problem.” Peters believes that she must be able to come up with a better idea than the product that has been used for more than 100 years.

In the next few months, Peters began to wonder how to use magnets to make zippers. His idea attracted the attention of his neighbors, who are versatile mechanical engineers, and the prototype of a magnetic zipper with automatic zipper puller was born. “To make the entire assembly come together automatically, whether it is to select suitable materials or adjust the combination method, the requirements are accurate. After continuous debugging and improvement, I found a solution from a broken part, which allowed me to find a new one. Embedding method.”

Peters designed about 25 different prototypes before finalizing the current zipper design. Later, Peters licensed the patent for the final version of this zipper to UnderArmour’s clothing use, which is an American sports brand that focuses on functional sports shoes, clothing and accessories. Next, the automatic zipper puller machine, a young creative company, intends to apply Peters’ creativity to professional sports running shoes.

“Although we know that the zipper used now is a defective hardware, it is usually easy to settle for the status quo when a standardized product is obtained in an industry.” Peters believes that when an innovative concept is approved, people generally wear it automatically. Zipper head machines are used to perfect on this basis, but few people are willing to go back and re-question and break through this innovation.

At present, YKK, the originator of the zipper industry, is still the owner of a large market share in the zipper industry. This brand represents the industry standard, and the price is about 10 times that of other brands of zippers. According to sources, after the launch of the magnetic zipper creative automatic zipper puller machine, YKK fired some of their design staff. The market also believes that, compared to the sophisticated YKK zipper, Peters’ innovation can make the zipper more humane. UnderArmour said that its new series of jackets will be equipped with this zipper, and it is expected to be launched in the fall of 201 with the automatic zipper puller machine.

This innovative mechanical stainless steel zipper with automatic zipper puller may seem insignificant to ordinary people, but it can definitely benefit many disabled people. The innovation of change is not necessarily a big earth-shattering work. A small “magnetic zipper” can also be Jobs’ iPhone.

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