About the advantages of automatic zipper threading machine

The product is mainly composed of head section, middle section, optional section, tail section and conveyor chain, feed port and drive device. The automatic zipper threading machine is divided into two types: left and right. The model can be selected according to the conveying volume and conveying length. There are three types of inlets: the upper inlet, the side inlet and the two side inlets. The outlet is the head outlet, or the middle outlet. Bottom discharge and middle side discharge, users can choose by themselves.

1. The automatic zipper threading machine has a large conveying capacity, allowing a large amount of materials to be conveyed in a small capacity space, with a conveying capacity of 15-500m3/h.

2. The conveying energy consumption is low, and with the help of the internal friction of the material, it can save 40% to 60% of electricity compared with the screw conveyor.

3. Sealed and safe, the fully sealed casing makes the dust seamless and drillable, safe and reliable in operation.

4. Long service life. The conveyor chain made of alloy steel through advanced heat treatment has a normal service life of >3 years, and the life of the rollers on the chain (according to different materials) is 1 to 3 years.

5. The conveying length is long, and the horizontal conveying distance can reach more than 60 meters.

6. The process layout is flexible, it can be installed on elevated, ground, pit, climbing (15), and can be loaded and discharged at multiple points.

7. Low cost of use, power saving and durability, extremely low maintenance rate, reducing consumption and improving efficiency.

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