High-quality tape cutting machine with low noise

The tape cutting machine is composed of a cutting knife and a knife frame. The knife frame is installed on a base. Its innovation is: fix the zipper puller on the base.A symmetrical vertical mounting plate is installed on the base. How much is the zipper puller machine? A zipper puller machine for the mounting plate is installed vertically and movably installed with a frame-shaped knife holder.

The top of the knife holder is horizontally fixed with a cutter, and the knife holder passes through its bottom end by passing through the zipper A first stepping motor driven cam wears a zipper head machine. A mechanism driven to achieve vertical rise and fall. A horizontal cutting platform is fixed under the cutting knife, and a horizontal cutting platform is installed on the upper surface of the cutting platform. The feed roller driven by the second stepping motor, the first stepping through the zipper puller, the second stepping motor is installed on the base through the control line and the base through the zipper puller. How much is the machine connected to a controller.

The invention is compact in structure, the whole machine takes up less space, and the design is scientific and reasonable. How much is a zipper pull machine? A knife? How much a zipper pull machine? The motor is controlled and driven by the controller. The whole machine has high degree of automation, high processing efficiency, high precision and easy operation. It is a highly innovative machine for wearing zipper pullers.

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