how to choose zipper according to the requirements of garment design

Considerations can be made from the following aspects:

(1) Choose the zipper according to the strength of the zipper. When considering the strength of the zipper, the main choice is the type of zipper.

(2) Design according to the material of zipper’s zipper teeth. The material of zipper teeth determines the shape and basic state of zipper, especially its softness and handle. This will directly affect the compatibility and aesthetic degree of zipper and garment. For example, injection zipper is suitable for garments with thicker fabrics, nylon zipper is light and lightweight, which meets the requirements of thinning garment fabrics, and metal zipper is rough and unrestrained. Jeans are especially well matched.

(3) Choose zippers according to the style of clothing. In the application of clothing design, zippers of different materials combine with the style of clothing, and locate the choice according to the different fabrics, structures and patterns. Closed-tailed or double-tailed zippers with metal texture are mostly used for denim with heavy texture and high-grade fur clothing; right-tailed or left-tailed zippers with open-tail are mostly used for casual wear and sportswear design; while closed-tailed double-tailed zippers are mostly used for children’s wear and special work clothing design; invisible zippers with shy appearance are generally used for women’s skirts and trousers design, including some. The casual dress makes the outline and line of the dress appearance more concise and smooth.

(4) Choose zippers according to the color and decoration of clothing. Considering the color harmony between fabric and accessories in fashion design, it is necessary to choose zippers that are consistent with the color of fabric to make the main material and accessories have an integrated effect.

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