Introduction to the Working Principle and Mode of Zipper Machine

The working principle of zipper machine is similar to that of syringe for injection. It is a process of injecting the plasticized melted plastic (i.e. viscous flow) into the closed cavity with the help of screw (or plunger) and solidifying and shaping the product.

Zipper mechanical operation project: Zipper mechanical operation project includes three aspects: control keyboard operation, electrical control system operation and hydraulic system operation. The selection of injection process action, feeding action, injection pressure, injection speed, ejection type, temperature monitoring of each section of the barrel, injection pressure and back pressure adjustment are carried out respectively.

Generally, the forming process of screw zipper machine is as follows: firstly, the granular or powdery plastic is added into the barrel, and then the plastic is melted by the rotation of the screw and the heating of the outer wall of the barrel. Then the machine closes the mould and moves the injection seat forward to make the nozzle close to the gate of the mould, and then the pressure oil is injected into the injection cylinder to push the screw forward with high pressure and comparison. Fast speed will inject the melt into the closed die with lower temperature. After a certain time and pressure (also known as holding pressure) and cooling, the product can be solidified and formed. The purpose of holding pressure is to prevent the reflux of the melt in the die cavity, to replenish the material in the die cavity, and to ensure that the product has certain density and size tolerance.


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