Plastic Dewatering Machine

What parts of the maintenance of the plastic dewatering machine should you pay attention to?
The plastic dewatering machine should be regularly paid attention to maintenance, and it can be used for a long time later. The following is the maintenance method of the plastic dewatering machine:
1. Maintenance of mechanical parts of plastic dewatering machine. During the operation of the plastic dewatering machine, pay attention to the slippage of the transmission belt of the dehydrator motor, especially in the instant of starting the plastic dewatering machine. If the slippage is serious, sprinkle some finely prepared rosin powder in the belt groove of the plastic dewatering machine pulley. To prevent early wear of the triangular tape. If there is still slippage after dusting, the belt of the dehydrator has been stretched, and it is necessary to adjust the position of the motor or replace the belt. During the operation of the plastic dewatering machine, pay attention to whether the temperature rise of the main bearing housing and the tail bearing housing is normal, whether there is abnormal sound, etc. If abnormal conditions are found, stop the plastic dewatering machine immediately, check the fault and repair it in time.
2. The maintenance part of the electrical part of the plastic dewatering machine. It is necessary to keep the plastic dehydrator electrical control box clean and dry at all times, and ensure that the plastic dehydration electromechanical control box has no dust. Also check the connection terminals of the plastic dehydrator wire regularly for looseness and damage. Pay special attention to the main circuit wiring to be firm and reliable, and good insulation. Secondly, check if the plastic dehydrator fuse is normal. Also check the contacts of the plastic dewatering machine contactor should be in good contact, check the armature for stuck, and the short-circuit ring is good. Finally, it is necessary to check whether the motor of the plastic dehydrator’s pole-changing device is flexible. Whether the dehydrator gearbox is worn and makes a sound.

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