Plastic Zipper

The difference between plastic zipper and nylon zipper:
Normally, the nylon zipper has a thinner teeth and looks translucent. It feels like a plastic wire loop, and the nylon zipper is soft. The plastic zipper is a resin zipper with thicker teeth and opaque teeth. It feels like a plastic block. Plastic zippers are generally square teeth, and plastic zippers are hard. In terms of materials, general underwear, skirts and other thin fabrics, as well as sweaters and other nylon zippers. The jackets are generally made of plastic zippers.

Common problems with plastic zipper heads:
The plastic zipper is small and simple, but it is a precision piece. The zipper head is a technology-intensive product. Only when the two are perfectly matched can a perfect combination be formed. If any one side is biased, the following problems will occur. The first one is light slip or poor pull, the second is burst, the plastic zipper and the slider in the process of the process, often pay less attention to the smoothness, while ignoring its negative effect, if the plastic zipper The slider is too loose on the zipper, so it is easy to burst, so pay attention when pairing.

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