The Innovation of Zipper

As we all know the zipper is irreplaceable in our daily life, since it’s invented in 1893. As time goes on, there are so many kinds of zipper being made during these years, just like

plastic zipper, metal zipper, nylon zipper andetc,and there is no doubt that the market will become sluggish and more and more factory will copy the style from each other, the ho

-mogeneity phenomenon is quite serious.

  However, Shenzhen Huiyu Hengtong Development Co.,Ltd  totally make a great innovation for satisfying  the customers  from all over the world. For satisfying the production

requirements, Shenzhen Huiyu Hengtong Development Co., Ltd manufacture the special type machines, like High Speed Zipper Belt Needle Loom Machine, High Speed Zipper

Center Cord Knitting Machine, Auto Lock Metal Zipper Slider Assemble Machine (four positions)  and so on for producing all sorts of zipper belts, such as metal, resin, and nyl

-on zipper belts.

  A hundred years ago zipper is still the new innovation, but today you can find it almost every corner, and the new fancy zipper will have a new influence from today. Shenzhen

Huiyu Hengtong Development Co.,Ltd will still keep pace with the times , always focus on innovation and differentiation for meeting all the clients needs.

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