The principle of zipper machinery, operating procedures?

The working principle of the zipper machine is similar to that of the syringe used for injection, which is to inject the plasticized molten plastic (that is, viscous flow) into the closed mold cavity by means of the thrust of the screw (or plunger), and obtain the technological process of the product after the solidification and setting process inside the zipper machine.
The working principle of zipper machine injection molding is a cycle process, each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding — melt plasticization — pressure injection — mold filling and cooling — mold opening and pulling parts. After pulling out the plastic part, close the mold again and proceed to the next cycle.

* Supplement:
The operating items of zipper machinery include keyboard operation, electrical control system operation and hydraulic system operation. The injection process, feeding action, injection pressure, injection speed, selection of ejection type, temperature monitoring of each section of the cylinder, injection pressure and back pressure regulation, etc.
The general screw zipper machine molding process is: first of all, the granular or powdered plastic into the barrel, and through the rotation of the screw and the barrel wall heating plastic into a molten state.
Then the zipper machine moves the mold and the injection seat forward so that the nozzle fits the spout of the mold, and then the injection cylinder is fed with pressure oil so that the screw is pushed forward so that the molten material can be injected into the closed mold with low temperature at high pressure and fast speed.
After a certain time and pressure maintenance (also known as pressure protection) by zipper machinery, cooling, to make it solidify and shape, the product can be opened and taken out, and the purpose of zipper machinery pressure protection is to prevent the reverse flow of the molten material in the cavity to the cavity to replenish the material, and to ensure that the product has a certain density and dimensional tolerance.
The basic requirements of zipper mechanical injection molding are plasticization, injection and molding. Plasticizing is the premise to realize and guarantee the quality of the molding products, and to meet the requirements of molding, zipper mechanical injection molding must ensure that there is enough pressure and speed.
The principle of zipper machinery, operating procedures

* Safety operation rules for zipper machines
1 purpose
Standardize employee behavior, standardize equipment operation, ensure personal and equipment safety.
2 scope of application
Suitable for operation, inspection and maintenance of zipper in production line.
3 contents and requirements
3.1 labor protection equipment must be worn as required before work.
3.2 inspection before starting
3.2.1 check that the shell and the card cover should be sealed well and the site safety facilities and equipment protection devices are complete.
3.2.2 check that the transmission mechanism and lubrication points are normal.
3.2.3 confirm that there are no people or obstacles around the device to be started.
3.3 matters needing attention after driving
3.3.1 check whether there is abnormal sound in motor and reducer operation.
3.3.2 check whether the zipper machine runs smoothly and whether the operating parts scrape the shell.
3.3.3 check whether the tightness of the chain is appropriate.
3.3.4 make periodic lubrication for each lubrication point according to the lubrication standards, and check the smooth oil road at any time.
3.4 overhaul and maintenance
3.4.1 during equipment inspection (maintenance), the signing and listing procedures for power failure shall be strictly observed.

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