What to do if the ultrasonic welding machine is unstable?

What to do if the ultrasonic welding machine is unstable

The instability of the ultrasonic welding machine may be caused by the following reasons, please improve the following conditions:
1.Power supply;
Unstable voltage will cause large output to small output;
2. Air pressure:
It is necessary to provide clean compressed air with a sufficiently high pressure; the air compressor works intermittently, and the same pressure is set to the minimum and maximum values. The pressure will generally fluctuate from 5kg / cm to 9kg / cm. The pressure cannot be higher than this minimum value; in addition, a large number of air tools and long-distance transmission will also affect the stability of the air pressure;
3. The ultrasonic mold has been working continuously for a long time, and the frequency deviation can also cause welding instability;
4. The failure of the machine itself causes:
A. The output power of the machine itself is unstable.
B. Occasional overload, not found,
C. time control duration,
D. The accuracy of the machine is not enough, the guide rod is loose, the transducer flange is loose, the column is tilted back, etc.
5. Plastic materials are not suitable for ultrasonic welding;
6. Ultrasound line structure is unreasonable or plastic structure is unreasonable;
7. The product has more than one model, and the error is large;
8. The inconsistency of other parts in the product is affected, For example, due to manufacturing errors, the battery or circuit board of an electronic product is not assembled properly every time, or the plastic case is withstood, so that the ultrasonic wave cannot be suppressed;
9. Surface treatment will also affect welding stability, For example, the surface of the product is sprayed with UV or rubber oil or other paints, especially the joint surface of the product is also blocked, which will affect the transmission of ultrasonic waves, thereby affecting the welding stability.
The ultrasonic power is unstable, which mainly depends on the matching of the welding machine generator (electrical box) and transducer and the stability of the electronic componentless generator.
If this is the case during installation, solder a few points:
First, the design power is insufficient;
Unreasonable two-parameter debugging;
The welding surface of the three welding tool head and the mold contact surface are not flat;
There is a problem or unreasonable design of the welding machine power supply or transducer

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