Zipper Machine

The zipper chain of the zipper has a size and a different tooth shape. But the same zipper left and right. Chain elements must be the same. The zipper head is available in a variety of shapes and can be used as a handle or as a dress.

The zipper machine has developed with the development of the zipper. The wide use of the zipper machine has brought great convenience to life and improved the further improvement and development of the product.

The features of zipper machine
1. The amount of transportation is large. It can transport a large amount of material in a small space.
2. Low energy consumption. With the friction of the material, it is more energy-saving.
3. Safe and stable. The machine casing is sealed to make the dust in the air seamlessly drillable, stable and reliable, and long service life.
4. The zipper is low in cost, low in consumption, and low in maintenance.




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