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Normal Temperature Dyeing Machine

Machine Pictures:                                                                                                                                                

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Machine Technical Data:




Machine Name

Normal Temperature Machine(50kg)

Normal Temperature Machine(100kg)

Average Output

50kg/ t

100kg/ t

Max Temperature

100 ℃

100 ℃


30 kw

50 kw


380 v

380 v

Machine Size



Carrier Size



Weight (kg)



Machine Features:

1. It is suitable for preprocessing and postprocessing of cotton tape, flax, wool, man-made hairs, acrylic and blending twisted yarns.

2. It is equipped with precise reverse turning controller to ensure tape or yarns inside could be well-distributed dyed by self-altering dye liquid's circulating direction.

3. Circulating water pump is well designed to fit dyeing processes of different types tape or twisted yarns with speed changing multilevel belt pulley.

4. This machine can reduce the errors of crafts vat by being used in two series machines or four ones. 


Standard Structure:

1. The body of machine and other parts which be getting in touch with dye are made of stainless steel, which has high erosion-resisting ability.

2. High-efficiency axial-flow pump is made of stainless steel which is equipped with sealed mechanical device.

3. Diversion block makes dyes circulation inside well-distributed.

4. Equipped with material adding pumps which are made of excellent stainless steels.

5. Material adding barrel is equipped with churning materials adding, opposite washing and cleaning devices.

6. Safe and convenient getting device of sample product.

7. High quality imported valves, pipes and electrical components

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