XY-0805M Metal Zipper Plating Machine

Metal Zipper Plating Machine

Machine Picture:                                                                                                                                                 




Technical parameters:

1).Standard parameters:



Tape quantity    

1 pc

Zipper size

3#/5#/7#/8#/10#/12# ect

Zipper type

Long chain metal zipper

Suitable material


Air power


Max temperature





3 phases 380/440Volts

Power consumption


Machine size(MM)









    2).Detail statement

Machine material

1).304 stainless steel vacuum pump    

2).all steel parts adopt 304 stainless steel

3).High qualiy electric equipment

4).High quality chemical add pump(optional)
5).Anti-corrosion PP

6).Special ultrasonic(optional)
7).Stainless transparent CE environmental protection cover(optional)

Ultrasonic unoil system

High frequency vibration(20KHz/s) with high  temperature and degreaser,it can unoil high efficiently oil contamination on the zipper

Automatic chemical add system

Solve zipper colour and color fast unstable phenomenon,save labout,and

intelligent dyeing zipper.

Air agitation system

The chemical is more balance and stable after air agitation.

High pressure spray system

1).It can clear the tape chemical component efficiently,prevent the tape discoloration

2).It can save water 20~30%.

Intelligent tension and positioning system

Save damaged zipper colour problem efficiently due to tension too tight.

Colour catalytic system

Colour quickly,save chemical,it can solve difficult colour on the teeth pits problem.

L shape water add system

1).Observability water yield,imput the clean water from bottom slowly,addle water overflow automatic.

2).It can save water 20~30%,clear zipper more better.

Heating system

Choose steam heating or electrical heating according to environment.


It can finish dyeing with one chemical,adapt to anti brass, silver copper,black nickel(gun nickel).

Comparison of similar

1).Save water 20%~60%.

2).Save labour cost 30~50%
3).Enhance productivity 20~30%
4).Use raw  material reasonable,enlarge quality 3~5 times,the life more than 10 years.

Machine Feature:

1. This machine has a number of patented technology company, although the imitation but the core technology is still in the hands of the company.

2. This machine in the zipper traditional black nickel plating technology to add activation, fixing technology, effective control of the current zipper industry black nickel color number one problem is not good.

3. The cylinder is equipped with impeller mixing system, air mixing system to make plating color faster, more uniform, cleaning more clean.

4. Use syrup high-pressure jet system, to eliminate the phenomenon of the denture pockets, improve the syrup reaction, the color is more stable and beautiful.

5. High-pressure spray cleaning system to the residual chemical composition of the cloth washed cleaner, eliminating the phenomenon of discoloration, and can save 20% -30% of water.

6. Science tension system effectively control the tension is too tight abrasion plating, too loose zip around the spindle up to the industry problems.

7. Can choose syrup recovery system, the syrup on the recovery and reuse, both to eliminate waste and reduce the cost of sewage treatment.

8. According to the data survey, the use of fully automated coating machines of the company can save 30-50% manpower in the pre-process (code loading process) and 20-30% in the post-process (strip loading process).

9. In order to strengthen the body will never be deformed, more convenient transportation, this machine is generally divided into two sections.

10. Material excellent, all materials are well-known brands at home and abroad to provide, selection quality assurance factor amplification 5 times.


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